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Natural hair gummies to help grow strengthen, 

renew, and add shine to your hair.

Non Swallowing 




Made in the U.S.A

Grow your hair the natural way

Every ingredient

has a purpose

The quality of ingredients are just as important 

 as what they are. We only source from the finest places.

Helps produce sebum inthe scalp and grow new cells.

Helps keep the scalp healthy, therebypotentially preventing hair loss.

Helps improves your body’skeratin infrastructure.

Helps produce iron, thereforeallowing cells to function properly.

Repairs damage to hair cells while alsokeeping oil glands surrounding folliclesin peak shape.

Helps improve the thickness of 

 your hair or help reduce the amount 

 of hair loss you have.

Helps increasehair growth. 

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How Many 

Do I Take?

We reccomend taking two a day20-30 

minutes before a meal(or as directed by 

your health professional).

When Will 

I See Results?

Hair growth all depends on genetics, diet, exercise, and hair type. Lush Hair Gummies will help ensure your hair is getting exactly what you need to grow stronger, healthier hair. For the most part you should see some type of difference within 30 to 60 days. 

Why Do I Need A Hair Vitamin? 

We often don’t get exactly what the hair is cravingin our diets. Lush Hair explains how and why.


        How Long Will It Take To 

        See Results? 

While many people feel a difference within 1-2 weeks,some don’t notice a difference for a few months. Why?


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