Why Do I Have Split Ends?

Hair can crack open on the ends leaving a crooked, dry, branch-like mess at the bottom of each strand. These ugly deformities obviously need to be cut off from our lives, but leave us scratching our heads and asking…

“Why Do I Have Split Ends?”


You’ve probably already read our blog on how to prevent breakage and now know what to do do repair split ends or stop them in their tracks. But you may not know why split ends keep entering into your life like an annoying ex-boyfriend.

Here are 3 reasons why you may have split ends (stick around to the end for some remedies)

1     You use too much heat on your pretty little locks.

Curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers can wreak havoc on your ends. These tools can burn your hair and suck out all the moisture like a Harry Potter Dementor.

These tools can do extra damage if they are not set to the correct temperature for your hair type and texture and if you use them without any heat protection products.



2     The weather is an enemy to your mane.

No, we’re not talking about tornadoes or tsunamis coming to mess up your hair, but something a lot more common and quieter: heat and dry weather.

Being out in the sun or living in areas where there is low humidity can also hurt your hair. The sun can damage your hair cuticles (the outer layer of each hair strand) and make hair brittle and frizzy. Lack of moisture in the air around you can mess with the keratin (protein that makes up your hair) in your hair strands and cause it to split and break!



3     You are addicted to blonding.

Okay, maybe you don’t consider yourself an addict, but if you bleach your hair too often before your hair has a chance to repair and gain back the protein lost during a bleach, your locks will leave ya crying.

During a blonding process, hair chemical products blast open the cuticle of each strand and suck out the color, leaving your hair lighter and more Barbie-like (but damaged and lacking in protein and moisture).



So, you can’t control the weather, but you can take a few small steps toward healthier ends.

  • If heat tools are the cause of your mangled ends, try limiting curling to 1-2 times a week— always use a heat protector and keep your tools on a lower heat setting, especially if your hair is thinner or more fragile.
  • If weather is the reason for your problems, try a hair masque weekly to bring back the moisture in your hair. Wear a hat when you’re out in the sun and let your conditioner sink in your hair a few more minutes when you’re in the shower.
  • Finally, if bleaching is a burden, go a few more weeks in between hair appointments— you’ll save your hair and your money. Ask your hair colorist to put a bond-fixer into your hair color and do a protein treatment before or after to reduce the damage.

Split ends don’t just show up for no reason; let them know they are not welcomed in your "house of hair." Make small changes in your daily regimen to reduce split ends and encourage healthy, long, delicious locks.