Tips From a Hairstylist

It’s time to listen to the pros.

Talented hairstylists spend countless hours and wages educating themselves on everything hair. They have first hand experience with all your hair problems and know how to solve them.

If you needed surgery on your heart, you’d go to a cardiologist. You wouldn’t go to a veterinarian or a dentist, right?

So, why would you go to a magazine, celebrity, or friend to educate you on your hair?


Listen to your heart because your heart is telling you to listen to a hairstylist.

Here are 6 universal hair tips from a hairstylist:

1     Don’t wear your hair up as much.

Yes, it’s convenient and quick...and yes, it is damaging. That little mullet you may be sporting underneath all your hair is breakage from pesky hair ties. Continuous use of elastic hair ties can cause uneven hair growth too. Instead, wear your hair down more often, switch out a ponytail for a braid, or use a safer hair tie that won’t cause damage.



2     Skip the desserts and improve your diet.

Okay, dessert is totally fine every now and then, but you need to make sure to fuel your locks! You really are what you eat and your hair is too!

If your diet is lacking in nutrients required to create long, healthy, thick hair, then your hair will not become long, healthy, or thick. Keep up with a healthy diet and let Lush™ gummies give you the rest of the vitamins your hair needs.



3     Get regular haircuts.

You should say goodbye to your dead, dry ends every 5-8 weeks. Don’t worry— you'll only need to take off ¼” to ½” every time. There are some stylists out there who get "choppy-happy," so make sure you explain to them that you only want to cut off what NEEDS to be cut off in order for your hair to grow longer. You won’t notice the lost length— you will notice the improved health!



4     Spend more money on your products.

If you’re getting cheap products, your hair will look and feel cheap. You truly get what you pay for. Salon brand products are best! If a professional hair stylist won’t use it, neither should you. Many cheap, yet popular, brands use wax and artificial fillers and fragrances that build up on the hair shaft and cause breakage and flaking.

You don’t have to go out and make a crazy large investment right away. Make the switch one step at a time. Instead, get a new product every week or every month. You could also use the rest of your existing products and then buy upgrades as you run out.



5     Don’t underestimate dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo can save your hair and save you some time too! Dry shampoo takes away the nasty grease without taking away ALL of the helpful natural oils, or sebum, produced by your scalp.

With the time you’d spend washing, blow drying, and styling your hair, you’ll be able to spend it sleeping in and soaking up naturally produced oils.


These hair hairdresser-approved hair tips are for everyone who wants healthy, delicious hair— whether they have thin, thick, curly, or blonde hair.

Rock your locks and use these five foolproof tips from a hairstylist. Come to us to help you reach all your #hairgoals.