Foods That Are Good For Your Hair

Our delicious Lush™ gummy vitamins contain all of the vitamins that your hair needs to grow and become healthier.

But baby girl, you can’t let our gummies do all the work!



You need to make sure the foods you eat are rich with the nutrients and vitamins necessary to promote healthy hair.

Here are our top 5 foods that will bring you closer to fulfilling your Rapunzel hair goals.

1     Eggs

Scrambled, over-easy, boiled, or straight up raw— eggs contain biotin and omega-3s that your hair needs. Make sure you aren’t only eating the egg whites, though— it is the yolk that contains all the power!

2     Berries

Strawberries, blueberries, and practically anything ending in “berry” contains Vitamin C, A, E and antioxidants. These help your hair fight against damage and stimulate hair growth.



3     Salmon

Salmon's omega-3, vitamin B12, and vitamin D promote hair growth and keep your scalp healthy. Your hair begins at the scalp; so keeping it healthy is critical to having healthy and gorgeous locks.

4     Nuts

These bad boys (or I guess “good boys” since they’re so helpful) are loaded with vitamins, zinc, fatty acids, and biotin— almost everything you need for a healthy mane all packed into a tiny nut.

5     Avocado

Vitamin B, E, and amino acids work on a cellular level to repair and strengthen the hair shaft. It’s oils are helpful for your scalp and your hair will also drink it up. No wonder there are so many hair masques with avocado in them!



Add these 5 power foods into your breakfast smoothies, on-the-go lunches, and dinner recipes.

You can experience the hair-healing magic of these foods the more you eat them!

You really are what you eat!