A Week Without Washing


This is what you might say to yourself as you stare at your hair in the mirror after going a few days without a hair wash. You see that your hair is greasy and flat— it’s time for a shower.

Wrong. It’s just time to add some dry shampoo into your daily regimen and let your hair live a little longer without water so it can soak up the natural oils from your body.

It’s not as bad as you think. I promise.

Washing your hair too often is terrible for your hair! It sucks out all the moisture and leaves your hair brittle, frizzy, and sad.

If you struggle with split ends, dandruff, or dry hair, try going a week without washing.




There are so many benefits!

When you let your hair take a break from washing, your locks will be shinier, less dry, softer, and your hair color will last longer. If you struggle with dandruff, you may even stop it in its tracks.

You’ll also save money on water and shampoo, and save time getting ready!

Here’s what you have to do to day by day to keep your hair looking and smelling nice throughout the week:

Day 1

Ah, the first day. The day when your hair will look and smell its best.

Take a shower and shampoo twice to start with a blank canvas. When you condition your locks, only use product on the ends and rinse it out with cool water completely. If you put conditioner anywhere but the ends and don’t rinse it out all the way, your week will look a lot greasier than normal.

Finally, dry your hair with a soft, cotton t-shirt, add in a leave-in conditioner and give yourself a thorough blow dry. Use a round brush to seal the ends and keep frizz at a minimum. When you’re done, add a nourishing oil to your ends.



Day 2

If you shampooed well enough yesterday, today will be a breeze! Brush out your locks and style random kinks in your hair with a curling iron. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant!

Day 3

Today is usually when the oils start to become noticable. Mist in a dry shampoo, let it sit and soak up the grease for 30 seconds, then massage it into your scalp like you would a wet shampoo.

Touch up any kinks with a curling iron or get out your blow dryer and round brush and seal those ends again. If your hair is feeling or looking dry, add a little more oil to your ends.

Day 4

Mist in that dry shampoo, girl! Halfway through your week without washing and your hair is looking amazing still!

You’ll notice that it has more volume and hold because it is dirtier and “dry-shampooier.” Pull your hair up on one side and add some big curls to change up your style today.

Day 5

You know the drill by now: dry shampoo on your roots and oil on the ends!

Your hair is probably loving the break it's getting and hopefully you are sleeping in more this week! Pull your hair back into a loose braid or high ponytail. Add a cute hair coil for a pop of color and fun.



Day 6

I know, you are probably ready to give up today. However, if you could hear your hair cheering you on, you’ll keep going for 3 more days! You got this, babe!

The dry shampoo is probably needed on every inch of your scalp by now, especially if you’ve been extra active this week. Put your hair into a sleek low ponytail or low bun.

Day 7

Good morning and good riddance!

You may be feeling on top of the world or way out of control. I promise you, though, your hair is feeling amazing! You are giving your hair a chance to renew and replenish!

This is another day to wear your hair back. Add some more oil to your ends if they are feeling dry.


Day 8

You made it. It’s the last day and it’s also hat day!

Tomorrow morning is the amazing shower you're probably dying for right now! Throw on a cute hat or ball cap and go out and conquer your day.

Oh, and congratulations, babe! Go out and celebrate later— not many women have the hair-discipline that you do.


Here are a few extra tips to use every day:

1     Everytime you sleep, keep your hair safely back in a low ponytail.

2     Sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep hair from tangling and breaking.

3     Use a salon brand shampoo. Other shampoos have artificial fragrances and waxes that build up on your hair and can clog your hair follicles.

4     Add extra oil on your ends for days when you are wearing it up. Your hair will soak it up throughout the day.

5     When you're feeling ready to give up, add a little lipstick to your look— lipstick makes everything better.

If your hair is needing a health-boost, this challenge is for you!

Try this week long shampooing-fast every now and then and your hair will thank you by producing long longs that shine like the sun!