3 Mistakes You Might be Making if You Have Thin Hair

So, you’ve realized you have thin hair.

Great! No problem!

It is probably a lot easier to manage compared to thick hair and doesn’t give you as much trouble when you let it air dry.

But don’t let anyone tell you your life is easier, because we know that you have your share of 99 problems. Your hair may be starting to look greasier, stringier, or drier and you might not know why.



Here are 3 mistakes you may be making and their remedies:

1     You’re using conditioner at your roots.

Conditioner is meant to bring back the moisture and health to your hair. Your scalp is already giving plenty of nourishment to your roots through natural oils (called sebum). If you put conditioner all over your hair, including your roots, your hair will look greasier, faster.

Instead, focus the conditioner only on the ends of your locks, where it tends to be drier and older hair.



2     You’re not using a dry shampoo.

When you have thin hair, you probably wash your hair almost daily… which is a huge hair no-no! Like we mentioned, your scalp gives your hair a lot of nutrients and if you shampoo too much, those nutrients will wash down the drain. Over-shampooing can also leave your hair looking frizzy.

Instead, introduce a dry shampoo into your daily regimen and use it in between washes. We challenge you to only wash your hair 3-4 times a week.




3     You’re growing your hair longer than it can handle.

Thinner hair usually breaks off at a certain point, leaving your hair looking sparse and stringy if you grow it out too long. For some people, that length is their collar bones, for others it is their middle back.

This “breaking length” is different for everyone, so see where your hair tapers off on the ends and starts looking broken on the ends or see-through. That means it’s time for a cut, my dear! Your hair will look a lot healthier and fuller after a well-needed haircut.




Make sure to keep up on your Lush gummy vitamins. Your diet doesn’t always provide all the nutrients your hair needs to look and feel healthy.

Embrace your gorgeous thin locks and learn to work with the hair momma gave ya!